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Fact: boat hot water tank holds eight gallons.

Fact: marina showers are ¼ mile from boat, but have lots of hot water.

Fact: husband leaving for trip tomorrow, no leisurely showers unsupervised by Cabin Boy in the next 3 days.

Conclusion: hike!

After a nice long shower, the writer-brain goes into gear, turning random observations and interesting reading into story ideas.

The fog’s ghosting in. You can hear the little bait fish jumping out of  the water, but you can’t see them. What if… that splashing wasn’t fish?

Earlier this week, I followed a friend’s link to an article written by masseuse, about how she can read her clients’ physical & emotional history by touch. What if… she were tempted to a spot of blackmail?

When I climbed back aboard, Cabin Boy greeted me with an angelic smile:

“I only touched your computer a little bit when you were in the shower.”

Me: … 

Husband: “Enjoy these moments of honesty. ”

So how deeply could a three year old hack a laptop?

No, no, not going there. This story-spark has way too much potential for horror.