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Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

Once upon a time...

Fairy tales have inspired much of my work. Here are some articles I've written, links to other resources, and "just for fun" quizzes. 

H.J. Ford,  Prince Darling

H.J. Ford, Prince Darling


Fairy Tale Irritants

"Irritation is the stepmother of invention," a post for about what can inspire a retelling

YA Fairy Tales

a sampler for, books published through summer 2010

Arthur Rackham,  Cinderella

Arthur Rackham, Cinderella

Online Resources

Surl La Lune Fairytales

in my opinion, the single best online fairy tale resource

Henry Pyle,  The Swan Maiden

Henry Pyle, The Swan Maiden

Just for Fun

Fairy Tale Quiz

Created for the Trick or Reater's website, Halloween 2016